Via degli Dei

The Way of the Gods

Have a stop-over at Lodole Country House

Via Degli Dei is one of the most fascinating hiking routes in Italy! Lodole Country House is located a few minutes from the ruote and is recognized as one of the most beautiful accommodations on the Via degli Dei where to stay. Via degli Dei is an unforgettable journey from Bologna to Florence, to be covered on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback. Lodole Country House recommends to its guests as a route “The Way of the Gods” a hiking trail – tourism that is born between the years 80 and 90 by a group of hikers in the area who wanted to draw a set of paths that can link their capitals Emilia Romagna and Tuscany according to a new street named percorresse very suggestive that the ridge of the Tosco Emiliano.

From Bologna to Firenze: trekking through history

Already at the time of the Etruscans, then the Romans and finally in the Middle Ages, there was a roadway connecting Bologna to Florence: it is the ancient Via Flaminia Military, a route transappenninico of Roman built by the consul Flaminio in 187 BC linking Bononia Arezzo and then went to Rome. However, since by the time the route of the Via Flaminia Military has been almost completely urbanized, the Way of the Gods is proposed as an alternative route that connects Bologna to Florence and that partly follows the route of the Flaminia Military: for about 11 Km not continuous trail, in fact, the two routes overlap along the stretch of paving stones in sandstone ancient Roman road that today is still possible to travel on foot or by mountain bike.

Trekking route along The Way of Gods Lodole Country House Offer

75 € per person (double room) 90 € per person (single room) Here’s what you have in your booking: – Complete overnight – A dinner (convention with neighboring restaurant) of cold cuts and cheeses, side dish, wine, water, coffee – Rich breakfast buffet perfect to face the day of trekking. You can also use the shuttle free service Monzuno-Lodole/ Lodole-Monzuno. Contact us for more information +39 0516771189 –