Tree House

Who has never dreamt of spending at least one night in a tree house?

This idea arouses childrens imagination, stimulates romanticism in adults, satisfies everyone’s desire to go back to nature , the tree house is the ideal solution for those in search of unique emotions, amazing holidays. The tree house adds an exclusive touch to our offer for a stay at Lodole Country House making it a  unique structure in the whole of the the Tosco-Emiliano Appenine situated between Bologna and Florence. The bed and breakfast tree houses are already up and running in many Northern European countries, but they are few and far between in Italy. Ours is therefore a really original proposal in Emilia Romagna. We combine elegance with comfort and the amazing experience of living in close contact with nature.  The great oak is there, the uncontaminated spaces are there, the dream gets bigger and bigger…….who knows!



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