The Rocchetta Mattei

The Rocchetta Mattei is a castle of great charm located in the town of Grizzana Morandi, only 20 km from Lodole Country House and enchants the eyes of those who pass along the 64 statale Porrettana roadroad. The fortress was built in the mid nineteenth century by Count Cesare Mattei, who made it his residence and the center of elettromeopatica medicine. The peculiarity of the castle, built in medieval and Moorish styles, features the Rocchetta Mattei according oriental impression that stands out as unique in the Apennine environment. It has been use as an hotel from the sixties until the late eighties and then was abandoned since 2005. In that year the Rocchetta Mattei was owned by the Foundation of the Bologna Cassa di Risparmio. After a long design study it began the restoration of the 2/3 of the total. Since August 2015, the partly restored, is open to the public. For information call from Tuesday to Thursday 3:00 pm/6:00 pm tel. + 39 051 916 845.