Monte Sole Historical Park


At the end of the 1980 the Emilia Romagna Regional Authorities officially named this stretch of hills a Protected Area in order to preserve the memory of the events that took place here and to launch a message of peace to raise awareness especially among young people and safeguard the environmental heritage. The area stretches for over 6,000 hectares across the Bolognese Apennines and through the municipalities of Marzabotto, Monzuno and Grizzana Morandi. The Monte Sole Historical Park is situated on the site of the Marzabotto massacre that took place in September 1944.

Monte Sole is the only historical park of its kind in Italy and it includes 5 fascinating trails:

·      the Memorial trail is the most important as it passes through all the localities where the Nazi massacres took place;

·       for trekking, mountain bike and horseriding lovers, the nature trail is a splendid way to discover the natural beauty of these hills;

·      the Montovolo trail follows in the footsteps of the pilgrims who once walked through these hills on their way to Rome or Florence;

·      the Etruscan trail explores the ancient origins of this area by visiting sites like the Marzabotto Archaeological Area, the first human settlement in these parts;

·      last of all, is the fascinating Giorgio Morandi trail that shows how the famous Grizzana-born artist was inspired by the places he lived in as a child and how he immortalised them in his paintings.