Monte Bibele Archaeological Area


Monte Bibele sits between the two catchment basins of the Idice and the Zena and it was an Etruscan and subsequently Etruscan-Celtic settlement. The research which has been carried out up to now has revealed that there was a sizable village formed of numerous stone dwellings on the eastern side of the mountain. How to get there: From Lodole Country House, by car, drive to Loiano and take the SP22 road towards Monterenzio. Follow the road as far as Quinzano and then turn left and follow the signs for the “Area archaeological di Monte Bibele”; after 2.5 km you will reach the entrance and parking area. Continue on foot from here. We also recommend a visit to the “Luigi Fantini” archaeological museum in Monterenzio. The museum hosts most of the finds from the Monte Bibele archaeological area (the rest can be found at the Bologna archaeological museum).