Monte Adone Exotic Fauna and Wildlife Shelter


Monte Adone is one of the peaks that distinguishes the Bolognese stretch of the Apennines in the splendid Contrafforte Pliocenico nature reserve, and in addition to its outstanding natural beauty, it is also home to a special animal shelter that is the only one of its kind in Italy. The “Centro Tutela Fauna Esotica e Selvatica di Monte Adone” (Monte Adone Exotic Fauna and Wildlife Shelter) offers medical aid and protection to various species of  native and exotic animals that are brought here so they can  be cared for in a safe and well-protected environment. The Centre is not a zoo, but a non-profit-making shelter that helps and heals animals who are wounded or in difficulty. The Centre is run by a group of volunteers who offer their services out of pure love for these animals, and from May to September the shelter holds informative guided tours focused on the various species it cares for.