Mazzone Mill


In the 1950s, along the so-called “Via dei Mulini” (Mill Way) in the municipalities of Loiano and Monghidoro, there were no less than 36 mills, which used the power of the Savena river to grind cereals and chestnuts into high quality flour. Near Lodole Country House, in addition to the beautifully renovated “Molino del Pero” mill, which now houses the local golf club house, there is also the “Mulino di Mazzone”, the only water mill in the area that is still in working condition. Built in 1785, the interiors of the “Mazzone” mill are still exactly the same as they were when first built and  much of the grinding machinery is original too.  The miller’s house is still there, as is the stable, a wood-fired oven and a series of rooms containing the millstones for the different types of cereal. The Mulino Mazzone currently belongs to the Sazzini family from Piamaggio, who are happy to open it on Saturdays and Sundays if visitors first make a reservation.