Local Products

prodotti territorio

The woods that cover the Bolognese Apennines offer a wealth of natural treasures, such as chestnuts, mushrooms, truffles and forest fruits. These local products are well-known all over Europe and often boast  special quality certification, like the Bolognese Apennine “Marrone biondo” chestnut and the fresh or dried Granaglione chestnut. Of course, the most famous forest product of all is the white truffle. Its exquisite, unparalleled fragrance graces numerous local specialities, as do the various types of black truffle and the huge variety of wild mushrooms, such as  “porcini”, “galletti”, “ovoli” and “prugnoli”, that can all be found here. In the Autumn, Savigno, which shares the title of Città del Tartufo (Town of the Truffle) with Castel di Casio and Camugnano è Città del Tartufo, hosts the “Sagra del Tartufo Bianco Pregiato dei Colli Bolognesi” (the Bologna Hills White Truffle Festival) with all its many gastronomic and cultural events. The numerous Tartufeste or Truffle festivals that are held in October in various villages in the area are also extremely popular.