Labante’s Cave


The Labante cave is a karstic phenomenon which is very important due to its rarity: it is in fact the largest primary travertine cave in Italy and perhaps one of the largest in Europe. Above the cave there is a natural waterfall fed by the spring that built up the deposit of calcareous rock which was quarried by the Etruscans for the construction of the necropolis of Marzabotto. The cave is located in a park with numerous hikes and mountain bike routes. The cave can be reached by following the directions and the external structure can be seen easily from the road. The cave is free to visit and is always open. How to get there: from Lodole Country House take the SP 38 road as far as Rioveggio, then reach Grizzana Morandi and then Vergato. From Vergato take the SS 64 Porrettana road South. After Vergato turn right on the SP 68 road towards Castel D’Aiano. Once in Labante follow the directions to the Grotta.