Castel Alpi Lake

lagocastelalpi2The Castel dell’Alpi lake is a natural reservoir formed in 1950 following a landslide that blocked the course of the Savena river. The lake is located by Castel dell’Alpi, a small hamlet buried deep in the lush greenery of the Tusco-Emilian Apennines in the municipality of San Benedetto Val di Sambro and it is the only naturally formed reservoir  in the entire province of Bologna. It name comes from the ancient hamlet of Castel dell’Alpi that once stood on the left bank of the Savena river. Sadly the hamlet was destroyed by the landslide, but the old church and belltower survived and can still be seen today. Some years after the disaster, the village was rebuilt on the righthand bank of the lake and this has since become  a popular tourist resort, especially in the summer months. Beautiful views can be enjoyed from the paths that run along the banks, and for the more adventurous, rowing boats are available for hire. For fishing enthusiasts the lake is full of all kinds of fish, including carp and trout that can be caught from either the bank or a boat. The lake is also a paradise for trekking enthusiasts as numerous paths and nature trails start here and then meander their way through chestnut woods and oak forests up to the nearby border with Tuscany. From Lodole Country House the Castel dell’Alpi lake can be easily reached in about 15 minutes by taking the Savena Valley Road in the direction of Monghidoro.