Visit Mantua


As of July 2008 Mantua, along with Sabbioneta with which it shares its Gonzaga history and which has made it one of the main centres of Italian and European Renaissance, became a Unesco World Heritage Site. Full of monuments, historic buildings, churches, squares and museums, Mantua is well known for the Palazzo Tè by the architect and painter Giulio Romano and for being the birthplace of the poet Virgil. The most important tourist event is the Concorso dei Madonnari which is held every year in August in the town of Curtatone: dozens of painters, from all over the word, use crayons to paint the surface of the Santuario square during the Fiera di Ferragosto. This picturesque city surrounded by water offers visitors delicious dishes such as the famous pumpkin tortelli, the pot roast and the “sbrisolona” cake. Mantua can easily be reached from Lodole Country House in a little over an hour, with the A1 motorway from Sasso Marconi as far as Modena and then along the A22 Brennero motorway.